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Can music rescue the unsaved spirit?

Miwa Tamamoto

In the village of Grafenwörth, 70 km outside of Vienna, there is the biggest stupa in Europe. It was in July 2019 when a live concert of Aminadabu, the band of Tao Sangha was held there.

The concert began, the sacred music of Aminadabu start filling the space. I was impressed by the beautiful acoustic of the stupa. All at once an image from the spiritual world came down.

I was quite shocked by the image; there are dead bodies piled up till the ceiling like a mountain at the center of the space. They were those who were slaughtered during the Balkan war. Utmost scared, I was just looking up at the mountain, saying “Oh my God”…. At the next moment, a big firework went (or stuck up?) from the floor to the direction of heaven, penetrating through all the bodies and the roof of 32,50m! Just amazed, I couldn’t believe what was happening.

The concert went on, then I felt a male spirit sat in front me, listening the music of Aminadabu with all his existence. When the piece called ‘Life Tide’ was played, he said: when I finished listen this I will go to Pureland. And during the piece he transformed himself into an white bird, flying several times around at the center of the Stupa, where there were dead bodies, then gone. I felt he was healed and freed now!

So I knew the power of the music from Pure Land brought by Aminadabu was truly immeasurable. It makes even the healing of an unsaved spirit possible. After this experience came my deep prayer: may this music spread to the whole universe!