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The Official Band Of the Flame of Hope


Music of pureland

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Performance as a sacred ceremony is the music of Aminadabu.

Buddhist monks and healers of Tao Shiatsu are the members of Aminadabu.

What are the effects of Aminadabu?

…Heals people, sends spirits to heaven energises water, and the transference of the majestic power of the Great Spirit of the Universe, this is the performances of Aminadabu.

Buddhist sutras are their lyrics.

See the audience experience here…


Dalai Lama (Wisdom Ocean)

1.  Shiki soku Ku 色即空

2.  Peace Pagoda 平和パゴダ

3.  Wisdom Ocean 智慧の海

4.  Aiyu-sui 愛癒水

5.  Twelve lights 十二光

6.  Kanzeon 観世音


Ryokyu Endo

founder of Flame of Hope & Tao Shiatsu
Composer , Recorder , Guitar, voice.
Buddhist priest, game inventor.

Released 6 CD albums from a major record company in Japan and the music has been on air by the TV and radio world wide.

As a founder of Tao Shiatsu, he published 8 books in 6 languages, has taught in 12 countries and students are in 8 countries.


Synthesizer, Koto, Voice,
Tao Shiatsu teacher & Healer



Cello(Synthesizer), Voice, Buddhist priest,Tao Shiatsu healer and midwife.


Percussion, Voice, Buddsit Priest & Tao Shiatsu healer.


Piano, Voice , and Tao Shiatsu healer. Tama, known as Kosumi Katra has received five awards as a traditional Japanese instrumental “Shamisen” player.

Music from Pure Land


Ryokyu Endo’s solo album

Song of Pure Land

This album was the 4th best-selling album in the classical section at Kinokuniya in Shinjuku, Tokyo. It also includes a piece that was played 10 times daily on Hong Kong radio for 5 years and became very popular. The liner notes are based on an interview with the family of Nizaemon Kataoka, a living national treasure.

Water Planet

Music to purify the waters of the earth. Special recommendation by Dr. Lyall Watson, known for his anecdotes about 100 monkeys and international bestsellers such as “Super Nature”.

Luna’s Spirit

This group of songs has been played in mental hospitals, institutions for physically handicapped children, nursery schools, and many other areas.

Solar Harmony

The album, which contains deep spirituality and “Ki” in each note, was completed after 30 days in the studio.

Mandala Dreams

The dreamlike songs are, in a sense, the culmination of their previous works. After this album, RYOKYU entered a decade of silence.


Ryokyu Endo has moved on from his healing solo days to create a new genre of music: ambient rock. After the release of this hot and beautiful album, he began performing live.

“Why Aminadabu is an official band of
Flame of Hope?”

When a founder of Aminadabu brought
the embers of Hiroshima Atomic bomb to the Vatican,
Pope Francis blew it out,
at  the request of a 13 years old Palestinian girl.

This symbolic action for the purification of the evil karma of
human history was shown to the world.

A Flame image to unify all humanity
flashed in Ryokyu’ Endo’s mind.

The “Flame of Hope” was born.

Office Aminadabu


c/o Flame of Hope Center Kyoto
367-2, Motomachi,
Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto


c/o Flame of Hope  Center Tokyo
1-5-11, Nogata,
Nakano-ku, Tokyo